Craps for beginners: effective tutorial to start with

Craps for beginners: effective tutorial to start with

Those players who want to play dice must know the rules of the game of craps. Otherwise the game would not be successful. In typical dice game, there are two cubes or dice, a table with special marks and sides. After reading the tutorial guide for playing craps for beginners, it would become simple. It can be played by several players at once, who take turns making bets on the outcome of the event. The largest number of participants is up to 20 people.

Craps tutorial for beginners detailed guide

There is a very nice feature in craps, such as a huge betting field. Here the player can place up to ten bets on one game. The principle is identical to the roulette with its bets on red and black, even and odd, and in Craps you can bet on Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line. The result would be win or lose. These bets are beneficial, since the probability of winning is one to two. An excellent result will be given for these rates.

All about game betting in craps for beginners

To learn the rules and craps strategy for beginners, the player needs to be well versed in betting. There are quite a few of them, consider a few:

  1. Pass Line is the firsts bet. it is made at the first stage of the game and it is successful with numbers 7 and 11. In case of numbers 12, 2, 3 falls out, the dice should be rolled further.
  2. The second bet is for lose. The bet works with 2, 3. A draw is with 12.
  3. The third Come bet is on the first point. It’s similar to the first one. The bet is won with 7 and 11. 2,3,12 would give an opposite result.
  4. The fourth bet brings win for 7 or 11. For 12 is a draw.

There are also such bets, which are on just one throw. Double tables are used, which have their specific marks, are used. Here are some of the best names:

  • Eyes of a snake. The player would get a win only in case of 2 on the bones.
  • Ace-snake. A win is only in case of 3 on the dice.
  • Wagons. A win is in case of 11 on the dice.
  • Big red. The winning number in this case is 7 on the dice.

As the rules of the craps game say, some bets are placed only on a few throws. Before start of the game player must pay attention to the details. Here Odds bets attract a lot of attention since they are the most profitable for the players. And it is best to combine several types of bets for a better outcome of the game.

Craps for beginners – strategy playing in las vegas

As a game of pure luck, in craps, it is difficult to influence the game, but despite that, there still can be found useful craps beginner strategy. Success in Craps is due to the use of a variety of strategies to reduce the casino edge while maintaining the enjoyment of the game. Craps strategies are important before you start or stick to careful play by placing bets at safer times and avoiding risky ones.


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