Craps rules: simple guide for all basic craps features

Craps rules: simple guide for all basic craps features

Craps is also well-known as the fastest gambling game, but it only makes it more thrilling and exciting. From the first sight, the mechanic seems simple: you just need to predict the number on dice in order to get your winnings. But in fact, craps rules are a bit more complicated and you definitely should pay attention to them and memorize some important moments.

Key points of all canadian craps rules

Canadian craps have no difference with the classic ones, that’s why the rules are always the same. Despite the fact, that rules seem simple even to newbies, it’s important to follow a certain algorithm when you are playing craps. So, you need to:

  1. Create a game plan. Before starting a game, plan your budged and decide how much money you are ready to spend. Try to predict your possible winning to check if it’s gonna cover your spending.
  2. Select the table that fits you the most. Different tables have different betting sizes, maximum jackpots and betting limits. Choose the one, that satisfy you and your budget the most.
  3. Exchange your money to the chips, so that you could make bets. Usually it happens automatically, when you put cash on the table.
  4. Place your bet – read more detailed information in full craps rules guide and find out how to make right bets. One more variant – is to ask your crew.
  5. Enjoy the game! Rules of craps are really easy, and the game is fast and relaxing. Once you are bored with classic craps, you could try another and more complicated types of craps, where you could make different bets and where the lucky numbers are limited.

Some useful tips for online craps, that will protect you from losing large amount of money

Surprisingly, learning all rules for craps – isn’t the most important step in playing this game. Most important stage – is to come up with your game strategy, that you’ll patiently follow until you won very good quantity of money. If you are new on the gambling platform, you should clearly remember that you need to:

  • set budged before the game – a line of losses could make you feel bad but you’ll be motivated at the same time, so you’ll try to bet over and over and over again. It’s better to wait up till the next day, temper your ardor and then try again;
  • don’t use credit cards – again, being disappointed after the row of losses, you could make impulsive decisions and spend more money than you could afford;

Craps – is a quick and simple type of pokies, and playing carefully you could win a lot of money. Always remember this easy rule: don’t make impulsive decisions and think first, and you’ll always be in the black.


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