Craps Simulator For PC – Find The Best Odds And Efficient Strategies

Craps Simulator For PC – Find The Best Odds And Efficient Strategies

Craps is an exciting casino game with more depth than it may seem at first glance. Two dice are rolled, and the player tries to predict the exact number the dice will show or the range of numbers in which the roll outcome will fall.

As the game is heavily luck-based, well-calculated betting strategies are what you need for the greatest chances of winning. Based on RNG algorithms, craps simulator software is what can help you imitate a craps game and test your strategy over millions of randomly generated dice rolls.

Popular Casino Craps Simulator Software

There are quite a few pieces of software designed to simulate the casino craps game. Their purpose is to help a novice player learn the game and assist experienced players in testing new strategies and approaches. All these applications are available to PC craps players.

WinCraps – For Both Novices And Experts

This simulator with a comprehensive approach to the game analysis boasts of a highly convenient interface and innumerable configuration options. The app offers a broad variety of tools, which makes it suitable for both novice craps players and seasoned veterans. It’s easy to set up a test for your betting strategy and see how it performs in the short and long term, thanks to the multiple statistics screens.

Smart Craps – Simulator For Serious Players

craps simulator

A professional craps simulator geared towards advanced and expert players, which is why those new to the game might struggle using it. Smart Craps offers:

  • a unique dice control metric;
  • a professional craps simulator with astounding attention to every detail of the craps game;
  • helpful wizards to assist you in setting up simulations;
  • edge and risk of ruin calculators.

These and other features will come handy for a serious craps player to get a deeper knowledge of the game.

CrapsAge – Mainly For Entertainment

CrapsAge is a website dedicated to all aspects of the craps game – from the basic rules to advanced tips and strategies. It also offers a downloadable application for PC, where you can practice the game of craps and hone your skills. However, it’s rather short on features in comparison with the previous two applications.

Bets With Best Odds For Beginners, According To Craps Simulator Apps

If your goal is to win cash from a game of craps, you should aim to achieve the maximum reduction of the house edge. Certain bets have a house edge as high as 16.9%, which can lead to significant losses (especially for high-rolling players).

A beginner’s initial focus should fall on the Pass Line bet, for which the payout odds are 1:1. As a starting and fundamental bet across all games of craps, it boasts of the second-lowest house edge – 1.41%. Your odds of winning are the highest – specifically 251:244. For a novice, this is the most favorable bet.

There’s also the Don’t Pass bet with an even lower house edge – 1.36%. However, any simulator of a craps game will show you that you’re statistically more likely to land 7 (Pass Line wins) rather than 2 or 3 (Don’t Pass wins). There are 36 total possible combinations the two dice can show; six of them constitute a 7, and only one of them is a 2.


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