How to play Craps and win – a perennial question for game’s followers

How to play Craps and win – a perennial question for game’s followers

Real Vegas online games are a dreamboat, especially for those, who have no chances to take so long trip, and the sources help not only to entertain own selves, but to learn Craps rules and to study how to play Craps and win e.g., as well.

If to explain how to play Craps in a couple of sentences, the following description should be absolutely enough for beginners. The main goal for a player, who throws the dices, is to have 7 or 11 on the first turn. 2, 3 or 12 is a self-acting failure. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 (the Point) move the game into the second round and the game lasts till there is 7 or the Point are thrown. Of course, these are just the general rules, as there are plenty of different bets (Pass Line, Pass Odds, Come, Place Bets, etc.), which can be used, but their meaning is a theme for a separate article.

What is the best source to study how to play Craps and win

There is a great range of free online dice games, such as Craps, and it’s a natural desire to learn how to play Craps and win. The basic aspect to consider is a right choice of gambling source to play a specific game, so the below mentioned list of moments to pay attention to can definitely help to choose the best casino to play Craps.

  • Games library. There are not all sources provide gamblers with Craps. So, it’s necessary to find one with this dice game, and it’s even better if a casino offers different types of the game with a chance to get how to play Craps and win, participating in different varieties of this exciting pass time.
  • Software providers. There is a crowd of software providers, which design such table games as Craps, but the most reliable and qualitative are: Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and RTG.
  • Bonus and promotion system. It’s always a great pleasure to receive gifts for nothing, that’s why this part of casinos’ structure has a strong sense, and players should study different reviews to get the aggregate picture of this or that casino.
  • Safety and Secure. Players should be sure that if there are some issues appear, all of them will be solved practically immediately.
  • Mobile devices’ variants. Many gamblers can’t even imagine their lives without access to the favorite game, that’s why availability of mobile casinos’ versions is very important for many fans of Craps.
  • Live actions games. There is a big amount of real time games’ followers. That’s why many players choose casinos with such an option.

If to follow the mentioned simple advice, the best gambling source will be found for sure.

The most useful tips for Craps players

Different players have different strategies of how to play Craps and win, but there are some specific rules, which are fit in for the most of the players.

  • The most popular bets, which have the highest winning odds are: Pass, Come and Free Odds bets.
  • It’s necessary to learn House Edge carefully, as this information results in success.
  • Never forget to pick up the won chips, as if not to do it, these chips will be played automatically without a gamblers’ desire.
  • Always ignore dealers and their recommendations, as their main goal is to make a player put unprofitable bets on the table.
  • Use the most popular strategies, such as Martingale or Paroli. It will push closer to the win.
  • Never use Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets, if you are a beginner.

These are just some simple recommendations, but it’s not the only shot in the arm to become a professional player. There are always different guidebooks and instructions on the Internet, which can give more useful information, if needed. It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.


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