How to win at craps and what are the greatest tips

How to win at craps and what are the greatest tips

Craps is a famous dice game known all over the world. If you have never played casino games before, you should start playing Craps. The rules are not complicated and can be learned very quickly. You won’t even need any special equipment for this game – only two dice. Thus, you can practice even at home. Craps is based on the luck of the players, and no one can win by bluffing.

How to win at craps: basic rules

The game begins with a player called the Shooter rolling the dice. He needs to place a bet: either on “Pass Line” or “Don’t Pass Line”. Then he rolls. This roll is called the “Come Out” roll. This can lead to one of three things:

  1. If the dice are 2,3 or 12, the situation is called “Craps”. Pass Line Bets are lost and Arrow’s turn is over.
  2. If the dice are 7 or 11, the situation is called “Natural”. Pass Line Bets are won and the Shooter can roll again.
  3. If the dice are between 4 and 10 (other than 7), the Shooter has set “Point”. None of the bets are won or lost, and the Shooter rolls again. He will stop if: the shooter rolls a seven. Its turn is over and all Pass Line bets are lost; or the shooter hits the point. Pass Line Bets are won and the Shooter starts a new round, it is how to win at craps rules you have to remember.

When a player comes out of the seven, it is turn of the next player at the table every time that is the easiest way to remember when you turn is finished, but this player can refuse to roll if he does not want to roll the dice, perhaps he has a small bankroll and doesn’t want to risk, that is a big part of how to win at craps strategy.

Anyone at the table can place bets, doesn’t matter who actually rolls the dice. They can bet for or against the player who rolls and, unlike this player, are not required to place a Pass Line or Don’t Pass bets.

While Pass Line or Don’t Pass are the two most popular bets, there are many other options available in craps.

Things to remember if you want to win big

There are also some important tips to remember before visiting casinos and playing craps:

  • Roll the dice with one hand. Do not shake them with both hands or hide under a table.
  • Try hitting the opposite side of the table with dice.
  • Don’t throw the dice too high; otherwise, you might hit someone.
  • Refuse to quit if you don’t want to.
  • Do not give anything to dealers. Just put your chips or cash on the table.
  • Advice to dealers. Flip your chips and say thanks.
  • Do not place drinks on the table.

Leave the game while you are ahead.

Secrets of remembering odds

The good news is that you don’t need to memorize the real odds to know how to win big on craps. To calculate them, there is a simple formula: 6:x-1.

For example, if you want to get the true odds for 4, you need to subtract 1 from that number and associate it with 6 (there are 6 possible combinations for rolling 7). Thus, the true odds are 4 – 6:3 or 2:1.


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